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"Mess Hall Mouser" is the ninety-fifth episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Sandy Fries.





Tom and Jerry are serving in the army. Buck Private Tom is shown performing duties inside the mess hall. The Chef is cooking up some grub, when Jerry runs in and eats the stew. The Chef becomes infuriated that Tom is sleeping on duty. He wakes Tom using force and reminds the frightened feline trooper his orders - to keep the mouse away and maintain the mess hall clean.Tom has indeed failed to do the both. After a few threats from his superior, Tom rises and at cleans the Mess Hall. Sadly, Jerry remains to foil his progress.

While Tom is cleaning the mess hall, he attempts to get a few bits here and there of snacks. As Tom is making a meal, he spots Jerry stealing some cake. When Tom catches Jerry, a female cat officer shows up and orders Tom to let Jerry go. Tom does as he is told. However, the Mess Hall sergeant returns and demands a full report from Private Thomas. Tom gives the report of a stellar fight with the mouse but the Chef doesn't accept it. Shortly afterwards, the Chef present Tom the security footage that unveils Tom's tale as falsified. As the result, Tom is but by the Chef through physical exercises to toughen him up.

Meanwhile, Jerry is running wild in the Mess Hall's kitchen. Tom gets scolded once again by the Chef and rushes to chase Jerry. When Tom catches Jerry for the second time in the episode, the female officer shows up and orders him to let new recruit Jerry go. The Chef sees this (despite seeing the feline officer berating Tom) and puts Tom back into exercises for additional bolstering. Exhausted Tom crawls back to the Mess Hall and is introduced to the new Lieutenant - Jerry, alongside the she-kitten who is also a commissioned officer. Tom is seen at the end of the episode doing 10,000 push-ups during the night as the Mess Hall Sergeant Chef counts and then loses his place.


  • This episode is a satire about barrack life in the United States armed forces, revolving around non-commissioned officers abusing recruits and commissioned officers being unaware of the situation amongst the lower ranks. There were periods, that service in American armed forces indeed looked as depicted in the cartoon, but it changed after the Vietnam War, when the army service was reorganized into a fully professional force.