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  • Hi, so one thing that we missed when merging the T+J Wikis was looking at the number of bureaucrats on this wiki - is this still something you want to look at? I know we said before, but this isn't to say the current bureaucrats are not trustworthy, it is more that it is normally the case that wikis have 1 or 2 bureaucrats with the rest being admins. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. :) --Spongebob456 talk@fandom

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    TeeJay87 closed this thread because:
    The issue has been solved.
    17:49, August 18, 2020
  • I wasn't "seeking for reason to spew on". Just saying. You're the one who started this by reacting hostile to a mediate statement of mine.

    But let's be real. I am really tired of conflict, and there is much else, so how about a deal: You leave me alone on Community Central and not hold any grudges, and I'll just leave this whole thing. I'm sure you can afford this deal. You said the reason you can't properly understand me because of the mumbo-jumboing of mine, so I'll just give my deal here and see if you accept it.

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    TeeJay87 closed this thread because:
    A schizophreniac with ego greater than his skills, who doesn't know when to stop being bothersome.
    08:23, July 18, 2020
    • I don't accept deals from people like you, who rely on backpeddling and first start arguments, then they claim they are tired of arguing and keep arguing despite claiming that they are tired of arguing.

      If you can't live without having a deal with me, ask your actual legal caretaker to make a deal with me in your name, I sincerely hope that person is more reasonable than you are.

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  • Have you’ve ever watched Tom and Jerry Kids, if so, then how what is your opinion about that show?

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    • I did watch that show long time ago. It's better than Gene Deitch era cartoons, though the episodes seem quite cliched after the classic series.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • 1. I was calling WalterLantzFan887 an old idiot, not you. 

    2. Where anyone lives doesn't matter. What matters is who you are.

    3. You seem to be a reasonable person despite your overreaction. I do not blame you for being jumpy as you must have clearly experienced a lot in the past. 

    4. I never intended anything bad. And I wasn't trying to be his friend. That was an assumption you have made based on what I said. My only reason for comparing you to him was becuase of how I was horrified of how you harass anyone who steps out of line. It seems that nothing I say can truly change you and thus, I must move on. I am far from angry at Renan's demotion. It seems that there were too many bureaucrats anyway. I now leave, burdened by the sad truth of life and my only motive for posting this was to clarify my motives and reasoning. 

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    TeeJay87 closed this thread because:
    A self-cheating user seeking for reason to spew on, not for an actual debate.
    04:04, July 17, 2020
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    • "Says the one, who keeps arguing in the cyberspace about petty stuff. HAHAHA LOL"

      Which is why I spend little time replying to these and do actually worthwhile stuff otherwise. The reason I said what I said about you that you just responded to here notes at how you refuse to see how I am not bad all because of that one thing.

      "Whom are you trying to lie? Anyone from New Jersey should know the Democrat Party prominent leaders. HAHAHA LOL"

      I have a lack of knowledge when it comes to current leadership. And I haven't heard much of politics in long parts of my life due to lack of access to the news.

      "Yes, keep trying to de-civilize a civilized Wiki with your lies and arguing for the sake of arguing. You're cheating yourself instead of your adversaries. Oh, sorry - your own comments are cheating yourself and you don't control what are you writing. HAHAHA LOL" 

      Your tendency to consider everything out of my mouth a lie just because of my initial conduct disgusts me. As it is, I'm not actually harming anything. 

      "This has to be specified: " I do not know many of what you say, and I have made no attempt in anything involving gum or violence." - Cheating yourself while trying to cheat others. HAHAHA LOL" 

      I am not bothered. I cheat nothing. 

      ""I did not intend to flame anything, you're perception of me is but a misunderstanding." - Perhaps because you keep behaving in a way which doesn't help to understand you, including your poor attempt in lying adversaries." 

      Perhaps it's because of what a nuisance I consider all this. The only lies here, are your claims of me lying. :)

      " "Such coldness and aggression is what leads to corruption." - Says the actual liar. HAHAHA LOL" 

      At least I only make points you don't believe while many of the things you done have truly broken the hearts of others.

      "As I know you're a lawyer, I can't imagine how many poor people in court have cried in the face of  such a lack of social mercy. " - Of course you don't understand that the work of a lawyer requires representing interests of your client, which are by nature opposing the interests of the second party. Usually it's impossible to win a ruling, which would satisfy both parties, so you have to represent your client as best as you can, unless you wish to be taken to responsibility by the bar association. I'm not laughing at you here, since most of the people refuse to understand how does professional court service works."

      Oh, yes. To help the client by opposing the second party is natural as that is the point of being hired. However, compassion is what leads to true peace, and it ultimately depends on who you choose to take on.  

      ""This failiure to understand when your opponent is feeling pain..." - It's not my fault my opponent keeps writing testimonies not helping to understand him. HAHAHA LOL"

      These "testimonies" are only in response to your relentless negativity towards me. Had you been more easy to communicate actual feelings and not been hostile in the first place (including your harsh judgement of me), I would by all means speak normak english. 

      " "... and who is actually being honest will lead them to regret electing you president of Poland " - You need to distinguish "being honest" from "posting nonsense about his feelings in lieu of materially rational arguments." Judging by your poor attempts of lying, it might involve you growing up. Oh, sorry - I meant your organism and mind growing up, as you don't seem controlling them. HAHAHA LOL" 

      As I already said about my so-called lies earlier in this response...

      And anyway, I could just as easily say your past harrasment and hostility nonsense too.

      "" (not that you'll even get nominated). " - I'm not aspiring to rule my country. Just because you claim the opposite, it doesn't mean your perception isn't cheating you. HAHAHA LOL "

      I was only being hypothetical, explaining how scared  people would be with you in supreme charge with no superior.  Maybe co-rulers would help... if they could be any different from you in opinion regarding others, were consistently here, and those who could relate to audience leave. 

      "Now seriously - the more you keep trying to prove your statements, the more it seems you're not striving for an actual debate, but rather for a reason to spew on" 

      That's because I barely care enough to respond. My real reason for this is proving my worth and making sure nothing bad goes on, because I really like Garfield and I don't want to go on with you having a grudge on me and think what you think. And yes, I may be pretty foolish at this point, but I have other things to attend to now, so toodles.

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    • I believe you showed enough evidence, that you're not a partner for a civic chat with all the evidence you have posted above.

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    Now add admin he makes idiot need Sorry and user been 🤮 I angry dis guy! Needs WARNING! And Get OUTTA HERE WalterLantzFan887!

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  • Hey there! I think you will recognise me from Pink Panther Wiki, but my name is Chris and I am a Fandom Wiki Manager as part of the Movies/TV vertical!

    I'm here to work with the admins here to help with anything relating to this wiki and to be your liaison with full-time Fandom staff (I can answer your questions faster than Special:Contact!). I can help with:

    • Editing questions
    • Social issues that arise on the wiki
    • Wiki design
    • and more!

    Feel free to leave me a message if I can help with anything. Is there anything I can help with on the wiki at the moment? --Spongebob456 talk@fandom

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    • And Create Discord in dis wiki! 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Yo TeeJay, I think I may have found one of the two morons on YouTube, (WalterLantzFan887, or ChillyWillyFan938) Because one of them actually responded to my comments and just like on the Tom and Jerry wiki, They hate Southbound Duckling. @TeeJay87

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