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Mike Teavee is a major character in Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


Mike is nine years old and accompanied to the factory by his high-strung mother. He is from the fictional town of Marble Falls, Arizona. He enjoys Western films and wears cowboy attire. He makes constant references to television shows throughout the factory tour and comes across as somewhat of a know-it-all. Although easily annoyed, he does not have any major anger issues and gets along relatively well with the other kids. After being shrunk to three inches, Mike is being taken to the Taffy Pulling Room to be stretched back to normal, which causes his mother to faint.


Mike is a big fan of Western movies. He hates being distracted from watching TV. Unlike the book, he (on the advice of his mother) is receptive to Slugworth's bribe.


Mike wears blue and red cowboy attire during his interview. When he visits the factory, the cowboy outfit is yellow and light blue. He also has short black hair and blue eyes.


  • In the original film, the character was played by Paris Themmen.