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Miss Vavoom is a character who appears in Tom & Jerry Kids.


Miss Vavoom is one of the main female characters of Tom & Jerry Kids Show. Due to her seductive nature, she is always conquered by Droopy, and mainly the target of McWolf or some other villain. Sometimes she is in a few of the Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse sketches.

This character was based on Red Hot Riding Hood by legendary animator, Tex Avery. She was voiced by Teresa Ganzel of the Johnny Carson Show in the '80s. Since Warner Bros. required rights to every Tex Avery character in the next century, Vavoom is completely replaced with the real "Red" character, starting in Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. She became dismissed from being part of the Tom and Jerry characters after the cancellation of Tom & Jerry Kids Show, as she is considered a knockoff of one of Tex Avery's characters.


  • It is now believed that Miss Vavoom is one of the roles of Red, which she played in all of her appearances in Tom & Jerry Kids Show.