Monster Con is a part of the 18th episode of Tom and Jerry Tales, originally broadcast on October 27th, 2007.


Tom and Van Helsing arrived at the Monster Convention. Tom grabbed the monster hunting equipment and went inside, Van Helsing opened the door of the Monster Convention and used one of his monster hunting tools to catch the bellhop, and threw the bellhop out of the castle. Van Helsing tells Tom to put the monster hunting equipment upstairs while he gets his silver werewolf trap. But when Tom saw Jerry, he backed up and got hit by the skeleton. Tom took out a bow and stake, and tried to hit Jerry. Jerry went upstairs and saw a vampire, Tom tried to hit Jerry again. The vampire turned into a bat, thinking it was going to hit him. The stake flew off the window and a werewolf brought the stake back, Jerry became friends with the werewolf. Tom went into the monster hunting equipment and found a ghost vac. A ghost named Jasper came to be friends with him, Tom sucked him into the ghost vac. Tom busted open the door upstairs where the ghosts are playing games, he sucked in all the ghosts in the ghost vac. But when he searched for more ghosts, he saw a Jerry moving inside a chess piece. Tom chased Jerry around, Jerry pulled a string of the Frankenstein's mummy costume, Tom tripped on the string, and the Frankenstein went home. Jerry saw that Tom tried to get out of the Frankenstein's mummy costume, but when he tried to get out he was looking like a flower, then he looked like he wore casts, and then he looked like an origami swan, Tom got out of the costume and Jerry went inside the werewolf's dog house. Tom was looking for Jerry inside the dog house, Jerry saw the werewolf and told him that Tom was inside the werewolf's doghouse, the werewolf bit Tom and jumped through the roof. Tom and the roof fell down on the Werewolf, Tom chased Jerry at the front yard. Jerry pointed at the full moon to show Tom. Jerry pointed at Tom's bite, Tom turned into a werecat, and tried to eat Jerry. Van Helsing showed up and saw that Tom was a Werecat. Van Helsing had never seen one of those before, he adds him to his collection. Tom went to the Frankenstein's car and the Frankenstein tells him that the battery is bad. Tom electrocutes the Frankenstein. Van Helsing goes after Tom by attaching one of his monster hunting equipment on the car.



  • This is the only episode that there was a transformation.
  • The episode was released 4 days before Halloween.
  • Dee Bradley Baker Voiced Numbuh 4 From Codename: Kids Next Door So He Voiced The Second Ghost Player.
  • Even Ben Diskin Voiced Numbuh 2 From Codename: Kids Next Door And He Also Voiced The Afraid Ghost Player.


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