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Most Wanted Cat is the seventh episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show written by Jack Hanrahan and Steve Clark.


Tom quits after a little cat and mouse routine. It's up to Jerry to convince Tom to come back.


In the house, a ruckus in the house is heard, Tom is chasing Jerry until it's was stopped when Jerry open the cabinet door which Tom slipped inside the cabinet, and gets his owner's awake in 2am, the owner finds Tom inside of the cupboards, which he warns him if he hear another sound he would fire Tom. Tom would fire himself by writing on clipboard and leaves with his bag, with Tom gone Jerry has the house for himself by eating cheese.

Tom goes to the Miss Kitty's place by a near hotel as he arrives goes in the bar orders double buttermilk, as Mouser and Miss Kitty watch Squint plays dartboard Miss Kitty notices Tom, Mouser knows him as the "fancy cat" from the big house on the hill, which Squint wonders what he doing down here, Miss Kitty says "What's the differnece if he's down her, he ain't up there, if you get my drift", Squint understands that nobody in there to look after the place, she asks Squint and Mouser to take trip in his house awhile she entertain Tom, Mouser replies "we'll pop up there, and bag the swag", she ask the boys to take time and this ought to be fun.

The owner couldn't sleep so he wants a bite to eat, and glass of milk. he notices the mouse been in the cheese and "questioned where is there cat?" and sees that he quit in the billboard, so he decides to call pest control in order to get rid of the mouse, Jerry runs to door and caught by Squint, and is thrown in the bag as the two cats go inside and grabs all the food cans in the cabinets, they arrive back to Miss Kitty's and shows the loot in the bag in table along with Tom sleeping, Squint, Miss Kitty congrats them, Mouser questions "What the matter with the Tom Cat?" a, Miss Kitty answers that Tom couldn't hold his butter milk which he is out cold, Miss Kitty shows them the trap door if there were troubled. Miss Kitty goes for snack awhile she sleeps, the two cats decide to play pinball with Jerry as the ball, as Jerry is held in the machine as Squint says "1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to make ready, and 4 to go!" as the little mouse is inside the machine, after missing the patals inside, Jerry gets out of the machine, as Mouser chases Jerry in the bar, Jerry is concerned by Squint in the other side as the mouse stops, as Mouser throws a pot at Jerry as he missed and goes on Squint head, which Jerry get's the bucket on the table to trap on Mouser's head as the try to search the mouse, Jerry throws a dart at the button which sends the two cats falling in the trap door which the two fall in the water (which the place does take place near a pior), Jerry notices Tom is still out cold, which the mouse squirts a bottle of water which gets Tom out of his slumber, Jerry lures Tom into chasing him back home.

In the morning, Zappo Exterminations arrive in the house, The owner sees there right on time, before that, Jerry passes out, and the owner congrats for finally catching the mouse, as Tom is welcomed back to the house and walks by, Tom's owner cancelled the call, as Tom let's Jerry in his mousehole, as his owner rewards Tom with a big saucer of milk for being "you're a good cat after all" as Jerry winks at the screen as the screen closes.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Bartender
  • Other Cats




  • Tom's eyes are white instead of yellow.
  • Awhile Miss Kitty shows them the trapdoor it's looks like Squint was the one in her place, which he was seen with Mouser.
  • When scene when Squint is about to put Jerry in the pinball machine his tail goes missing


  • This is one of the fewer episodes that Tom wins at the end in this show.
  • The first or only noticeable time Tom wins in this show.
  • The only episode that Tom and Jerry mutual.
  • Squint's lines "1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to make ready, and 4 to go!" references Tom's lines from Part Time Pal.
  • Tom is not seen interacting with Squint, Mouser, and Miss Kitty.