Mouse Party

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This article's about an episode of the Tom and Jerry Show 2014 series. For the 2004 video game, see Tom and Jerry in Mouse Party.

Mouse Party is an episode of the fourth season of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), and the 220th episode overall.


Tom and Jerry have a house party, but things turn messy. Can they clean up the mess before Rick and Ginger come home?


Episode starts: Rick and Ginger say Tom to take care of the house when they are not there so Tom takes care until Jerry knows this news and invites other mice to come for a party after putting a sound blocking headphone on Tom. Everyone enjoy and Jerry bought the big feast and everyone ate it up so Jerry eats a remaining Olive. The party was grand that it disturbs Tom. Tom woke up and tried to stop the grand party by breaking the circuit connected to the music system but fails. He goes outside while Spike opens the door. Spike asked Tom whether is a grand party going on inside so Tom shakes his head. Spike asked him why didn't he intimate him and Tom thinks that Spike will chase the mice but Tom sees that Spike has also joined in the party and enjoying with the mice. Tom goes to start his cunning plan, that is to make a grand cake with bomb candles on it so he makes it. He keeps that cake in the table and lit the bomb candles. He didn't know that Toodles also joined the party. Toodles thinks that it's her birthday so she goes to cut the cake but Tom stopped her and threw the bomb cake into the trash can and makes a cake with pink candles on it. Toodles fell in love with Tom and asked him from when he knew that Pink is her favourite colour. The party becomes very grand and Butch and his alley cat group also joined in the party. However, due to Butch and Meathead, a new nonsense started in the party where the alley cats have a battle with the invited mice. This angers Muscles Mouse and he also was in this battle. It's 7 o'clock and Spike tells everyone to clean the house. Everyone repaired the nonsense and house was clean and good. Everyone get out of the house with the trash bags. Butch says Tom that a cake was dropped into their trash bin and keeps the cake. Tom sees it and comes to know that it's the bomb cake. He tries to douse the candles but it's too late and the bomb candles BLASTED when Rick and Ginger came back. Again a new nonsense starts up. Episode ends.






  • In the Moroccan version the songs and sounds are exchanged.


  • This is the episode that all Mice appeared on.
  • This is the only episode that Winston chases mice.
  • A female mouse with a purple bow tie on its head is somewhat similar to Cherie Mouse, but unlike it, its mouth is not combative.



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