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Mouse Into Space is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon.


The Short begins with Jerry reading a magazine, in which they announce "that life is much better in space for a mouse" and Tom Stealthily places a Revolver to Jerry's Head and Shoots, but Jerry reacts quickly and avoids his death.

he gets angry and continues reading but Tom plants a bomb but just before Jerry explodes the Throw, Exploiting Tom, Jerry reads that there are no Mice in Space so he packs up and leaves home, sad Tom tries to convince him to stay putting him a Hammer, a Revolver and even a Bomb, but the Mouse Masterfully Ignores him,

Tom gets sad and Jerry Enlists and after Passing the Test he goes to the Space Rocket, Tom falls into Alcohol and having no home sleeps in a Tube that actually it was the Hose of a Rocket, at Night a Truck arrives and a Man Gets Down Who Lifts the Hose and Places it in a Tube of the Truck to Later Open a Crank and Get the Gasoline Tom wakes up from the noise and the Gasoline takes it to the pipeline where the Rocket Gasoline is kept, and a man touches the fire, and Tom flees from the Fire, he manages to survive But they touch the No. 2 Button so now in space, jumps the Parts of the rocket that are being destroyed and reaches a Small capsule, when he opens it he is very happy to see Jerry and enters to the Capsule, then moves Jerry's chair making it spin an Infinity of Times but Tom while laughing accidentally presses a Button making the Capsule Spin Later Tom shoots out of the Capsule and manages to fall into a different Capsule when he opens it he finds a Bulldog Soviet (Similar to Spike) the frightened one flees but not knowing how to move in Space he cannot defend himself from a Stampede of Moonstones and one falls on him trapping him inside it, Jerry destroys the Stone making Tom fall in the air the Stone falls It heats up to such a Point that Tom goes out Shooting and falling to the Earth in Pieces and Jerry calmly falls with his Capsule, Tom barely reaches the House seeing Jerry is Glad and jumps the Window with a Hammer, but he notices that Jerry has a Medal.

He treacherously greets Jerry, and Jerry asks him to light a Cigar for him instead of the Cigar, he lights his Shiny medal but it Backfires and Jerry now from his Medal-Jetpack chases after Tom forcing him to pick up his things and leave home while Jerry says goodbye to him cheerfully culminating in the Short.




  • Tom runs away from Jerry just like in It's Greek to Me-ow!
  • This is the first space themed episode.
  • This is the 119th short of the series overall.
  • The Soviet rocket was modelled after the Soyuz pattern space rockets.