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Mouse Into Space is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon.


Jerry, tired of Tom's repeated attempts to kill him, leaves the house to join a space program. Tom tries to convince Jerry to stay by means of self-harm, but to no avail. While Jerry is tested for the space program, Tom becomes so distraught that he becomes an alcoholic hobo. However, he falls asleep in a large hose that then gets used to fill a rocket Jerry is in with rocket fuel. Miraculously, he survives, and climbs the outside of the rocket to find Jerry in the nose capsule. He proceeds torment Jerry, but success is short-lived as he accidentally steps on a button that ejects him into outer space. After brief encounters with a Soviet rocket (with a bulldog similar in appearance to Spike inside) and an asteroid field, Tom returns to Earth (not shown in space), soon followed by Jerry. The two then return to the house where the cartoon began, with Jerry now wearing a rocket-shaped badge. Tom places a lighter to the rocket, and it takes flight. Jerry then uses the rocket-shaped badge as a jet pack to chase after Tom. Tom packs his things and leaves whilst Jerry waves good-bye to him.




  • Tom's runs away from Jerry just like in It's Greek to Me-ow!
  • This is the first space themed episode.
  • This is the 119th short of the series overall.