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Mrs. Two Shoes is a recurring character from Tom and Jerry Tales. She is somewhat based on Mammy Two Shoes from the Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon shorts.


Mrs. Two Shoes has a buxom, an overweight build, and an ivory skin tone. In contrast to her original black counterpart where she mostly wore a maid outfit, she now has an updated, modern wardrobe.

Much like the original Mammy Two-Shoes, Mrs. Two Shoes' face is never seen, although her head was briefly seen for a split-second in Game of Mouse and Cat.

In "Power Tom", she wears a Power Gal uniform.



She also has a southern accent, a tough personality, and a tendency to call Tom "Thomas". Much like her original counterpart, she is constantly afraid of Jerry (or mice in general), and easily loses her temper with Tom's shenanigans.


Season 1

Season 2


  • In "Power Tom", her secret identity is Power Gal.