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The Muscle Cats (or the Dirty Work Inc Cats) are a trio of Manx cats that appear in the Tom and Jerry cartoon Jerry's Cousin. They work at "Dirty Work Inc." They were called in the phone by Tom to defeat Muscles Mouse in his own game, when they arrived Tom pointed where Muscles is at. While they were fighting Muscles, they thought that they had defeated him when Muscles came back to fight the cats, next fight with them, Muscles won the fight against the three cats, he carried the cats with a dustpan and threw the tough cats outside the house.

One of the Muscle Cats reappear in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) episode in Gym Rat they are seen in a pile of cats that challenge Tom in arm wrestling.


The black cat who is wears a red shirt and a orange bowler hat, the orange cat wears a light-blue shirt and a bowler black hat, the brown cat wears a green shirt and a yellow bowler hat, the three are all Manx cats.


Since the Muscle Cats work mostly in the interests of those who demand, they are coined to be personal mercenaries or bodyguards only. Thus, they only work when someone pays them to do the business.


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