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Tom et Jerry - Les Explorateurs - 0001.png

Tom et Jerry - Les Explorateurs - 1986 Nathan (France) #265506 - 12 pages


  • Tom
  • Jerry
  • African Natives
  • A Lion
  • An Elephant (back cover)


Hat, jacket and bottles: Tom and Jerry dress to go on expedition.

Then they check their material. Compass, map, camera ... Everything is ready.

Here they are in the country they want to explore. The compass tells them which way to go.

Courageous, Tom and Jerry sink into the virgin forest. They carve a path between tall grass.

Suddenly, what a fright! Warriors block the road!

Quickly, Tom takes a picture, and the offer as a sign of peace. The warriors are delighted!

Suddenly, horror! A lion pops up... Jerry runs away on all fours to avoid being devoured!

Better to continue the trip by canoe: it is less risky than foot, but more tiring for the rower!

The evening falls. Tom and Jerry want to rest, warm up and eat: they light a good fire.

Now, good night under the tent! The explorers had a tough day, but they did it. Live tomorrow!