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New Mouse in the House is the third episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show. It was aired on September 6, 1980. written by Jack Hanrahan.


As the episode starts: We see Tom sleeping and dreaming about food. After waking up, he decides to go finding some food inside the fridge. However, it is interrupted by Jerry as Jerry is running the turntable, causing the food to flying out of the fridge which one gets on Tom's face. As Jerry escaped, Tom's owner asks who made this mess, and Tom tries to explain that a little mouse (Jerry) did, until he has proof the owner decides to throw him outside where he lands into a trashcan.

Tom sees a salesman selling girl robot mice as Tom gets one. Tom uses a controller to move the robot mouse, knocks on the door as Jerry falls in love with her the soon he interacts with her. The first mission: The robot mouse demands Jerry for food, so Jerry goes to slice cake on the table. Tom then chases him from the window, but soon fails as Tom runs into the cake while Jerry runs off. Tom's owner returns and asks again: who's responsible for this mess. Tom tries to convince the owner, but the owner kicks him outta the house again.

The second attempt: Tom looks at the window and sees gelatin. So he decides to make a pot of gelatin, for the purpose that Jerry would be hardened in gelatin and Tom would eat it. Jerry and the robot mouse walk in. Jerry decides to jump into the gelatin pool, but somewhat, he doesn't get stuck (and the robot mouse applauses). The mice walk away; Tom tests by himself but gets stuck instead. The gelatinized cat bounced outside to the trashcan.

The third attempt: The robot mouse asks Jerry to dance together. While Tom is still using the controller, Jerry turns on the music in the cd player. His robot girlfriend demands to play it faster. After Jerry increases the rotation speed of the disc, many discs started flying out as one made the window fall on Tom's back as one flew into his mouth. Jerry plays with the disc on Tom's mouth and turns on with Tom's whiskers the music again. His girlfriend is dancing, while Jerry is shaking his hips; Tom crunches the disc into pieces and gets the remote, making the robot mouse throws him into a lamp as Tom opens the window as Jerry flies out of the window. Tom boarded the window. Outside the house, Jerry flies through the neighborhood into the city dump and crashes into one of the trashcan, in which gets a brown cat looking out in one of trashcans, Jerry awhile flying in trashcan into power lines, which flings him back to the curious cat, But luckily, the cat dodges and gives a little peak as Jerry turns the trashcan, back in the house where the robot mouse is demanded by Tom to sweep up the floors. Finally, Jerry with the trashcan crashes through the window and makes a big mess in the kitchen. Tom's owner comes back seeing the mess, it made him furious, no longer believes Tom's mouse stories as he think there are excuses

In the rain at night (with sad music played), Tom is outside of the window, looking at Jerry dancing with his robot girlfriend happily with cd music. Tom cries at the window and the screen fades out.




  • Tom's eyes are white instead of yellow.
  • The part where Jerry flew out of the window, looks like he fell in the ground but is seen flying off through the neighborhood.