The Nome King is a villain from The Wizard of Oz books by L. Frank Baum. He is the main antagonist in Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz.


Role in the film

Nome King later appears in the first Tom and Jerry sequel, Tom and Jerry Back to Oz, also playing as the main antagonist. He is very similar to the movie's character, Mr. Bibb, who are both played by Jason Alexander who also played Abis Mal from the Return of Jafar, Hugo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Lil' Lightning in 101 Dalmatians: Patch's London Adventure.

After Dorothy returned to Kansas, the Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow throw a celebration back in Oz until the flying monkeys attack, now under the rule of the Nome King. As the Nome King takes over, he imprisons Glinda inside a magical bubble and throws the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow into the dungeons. With little magic left in her, Glinda uses it to free the three of them. The trio then escapes through a tunnel built by the nomes that leads to Kansas. There, they find Dorothy, Tom, and Jerry and tell them what happened. Everyone decides to go to the State fair where the wizard is in order to get back to Oz. Meanwhile, in the Emerald City, the Nome King's men return with Wicked Witch's relics. Droopy and Butch, who are part of his army, asks the Nome King why he wants the ruby slippers. The Nome King explained to them that his father gave away emeralds to build the city and rubies to make the ruby slippers, and then unveils his plan to use the ruby slippers to sink the city underground where the nomes' domains are.

As Dorothy and her friends make it back to Oz, they befriended a Jitterbug, a magical bug with the influence of making people dance. As they head over to Emerald City, the Nome King's army appears and separates them. The Tin Man and Jerry were rescued by the Mouse Queen, while Tom, Toto, and the Cowardly Lion came across the Hungry Tiger and her animals. Only Dorothy and Scarecrow make it back to the Emerald City. As they return, however, the Nome King expected them as his army captures them. He then threatens to torture Scarecrow and Tuffy, the Munchkin mouse, to force Dorothy into giving him her slippers. As the Nome King tries the slippers, they turned into boots. He then began to click his heels together to make the entire city sink to an underground emerald mine. Tom and Jerry notice the Emerald City sinking, so they rush over to Dorothy's side. There, underground, the Nome King plans to make everyone mine emeralds for him and to throw Dorothy into a nearby abyss. Tom and Jerry appear beside Dorothy with the Mouse Queen's mouse soldiers and the Hungry Tiger's animals. The Nome King, on the other hand, overpowers them as he incarcerates the Mouse Queen and their army in Emeralds and leaves Dorothy and gang hanging over the abyss. As a final maneuver, Dorothy unleashes the Jitterbug upon the Nome King. The Jitterbug make the Nome King dance uncontrollably until he fell into the hole. Tom and Jerry manage to grab him by the feet, but his feet slip out of the slippers that make him fall to his demise.


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