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Over the River and Boo the Woods is an episode of Tom and Jerry Tales directed by TJ House, written by Joe Purdy, storyboard by Kevin Frank and Mary Hanley.


Tom and Jerry are relaxing in the fishing boat and eventually get lost in the scary forest, where they encounter a bat-cat creature called Butch.



In other Languages

  • German - Die Fledermauskatze (The Batcat)
  • Polish - W górę rzeki, przez las i wizyta u Nietoperza! (Up from the river, through the woods, and a visit to the Bat!)
  • French - Le Chat-chauve-souris (The Catbat)
  • Welsh - Dros yr Afonydd (Over the Rivers)
  • Irish - Foraoisí Scanrúil (Scary Forests)
  • Romanian - O vacanță de pescuit neplăcută (An unpleasant fishing vacation)
  • Dutch - Wereldvreemd Woud (Otherworldly Forest)
  • Japanese - 釣りのためにそんなに (So Much for Fishing)


  • Flappy from the cartoon "Cat Fishin'" returns in this episode with a new look.
  • The episode's title is a pun on the phrase "Over the river & through the woods.".