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Pele, the Goddess of Flame is the main antagonist of the Tom and Jerry Tales episode "Freaky Tiki". She is the goddess of flame who encountered Tom Cat.


When Tom and Jerry's antics result in a tiki statue being knocked over, an angry Pele used the volcano to hypnotize them and lure them to her volcanic shrine. When the pair snapped out of it, Jerry hid in the pocket of Tom's Hawaiian shirt while Pele confronted a scared Tom to make him pay for damaging the tiki. Tom attempted to get away using a shield like a surfboard on the lava, but Pele gave chase. After Tom escaped the volcano, he attempted to flee through the jungle, but found himself trapped at the edge of a cliff with the ocean below while Pele appeared behind him. At that moment, Jerry (having gone unnoticed by Pele all this time) stuck his head out of Tom's pocket and happily waved at her. The sight of Jerry scared Pele (speaking her only English phrase in the whole episode) and caused her to shrink down to a small flame, which Tom and Jerry blew out.


  • She seems to be based on the real Pele in real-life.