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This article is about the Tom & Jerry Kids episode. For the Tom and Jerry short with the same name, click here.

"Penthouse Mouse" is the 21st episode of Season 3 of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Jim Ryan.


Van Upshot Towers, upscale town home apartments, just opened up, and the first tenant is Jerry Mouse. However, Leona Van Upshot refuses to open up the town home apartment to anyone, and warns Her assistant Claude Pangborn that if he doesn't remove Jerry, he'll be fired. then, a green van crushes a few cars on the way to the building, and what comes out is Calaboose Cal who introduces himself to Pangborn as Cal pulls him to an elevator to where Jerry is, and after some searching, Cal introduces his assistant, Titanic Tom to get rid of the mouse. Jerry sets up his mouse hole with a chainsaw while Tom uses a stick of dynamite to blow away the mouse, but Jerry slices the stick like pepperoni and rolls them around Tom, which explode. Bangborn becomes livid as Cal gives him a block of ice, which melts quickly as Cal displays Rhonda the robot rodent roster. Jerry listens as Cal sets up the robot in attack mode, which attacks Tom, as more of the apartment is in ruins, as Pangborn is watching in dismay, Cal sends Pangborn down an elevator.

As Cal uses a smoke bomb to flush out Jerry, who flings it back out as Tom swings blindly at the floor, and as Pangborn comes up, his foot got whacked and goes down the elevator to let out a painful scream. Cal and Tom then use a high-pressure water blaster to flood Jerry. As Leola and Claude go up, The apartment walls start to give way to the water as Tom successfully captures Jerry, as Cal gives the bill to Van Upshot worth $186,000 with tax. but Van Upshot refuses to pay the bill as Tom, Jerry, and Cal are washed out of the building. Cal displeased with Van Upshot's Ingratitude, sees another Apartment building called the Crump Towers. Cal, Tom, and Jerry are running a scam as Cal sends Jerry over to another building to take up residence so that Cal and Tom can get paid to get rid of Jerry. As Cal introduces himself to the Crump Tower Proprietor, both Tom and Jerry close the elevator door.