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"Pie in the Sky" is the thirty-third episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, written by Jim Mueller.



Tom chases Jerry around a construction site while Spike tries to enjoy his lunch, but Tom keeps making things worse for him.


The episode starts with a homeless, scruffy Tom walking on street, hungry searching for food, he tries looking at a trashcan, but it turns out to be empty. He then walks to the City Park, Jerry is looking for food in a trash bin only deciding to eat a half-eaten apple, which Jerry notices Tom and hides in the trashcan for Tom to put his hand inside of the trash bin to find he found food, with Jerry still holding to the apple, Tom tries to strug the mouse to the bin, and walks away with it, peeved Jerry tries to walk to the cat, the mouse tapped on Tom's leg to get his attention to command him to give back his apple, Tom replies by blowing him awhile, about to eat the apple, he is then interrupted by Jerry doing his second attempt, Tom then attempt to attack Jerry as the mouse quickly eats the apple, on Tom's palm of hands, Jerry then runs away from him, shocked Tom then chases Jerry to an construction site...



  • The shot of Spike saying "Cat!" as well as chasing animation is reused from The Plaid Baron Strikes Again.
  • Tom does not attempt to eat Jerry despite his opportunity to satisfy his stomach.