Pied Piper Puss

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"Pied Piper Puss" is the eighteenth episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show written by Coslough Johnson.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • European Store Owner
  • Clock Animatronics


A store owner Hires the Pied Piper Puss to get rid of the Mice Jerry & Nibbles out of his store.


As the episode starts we get a view of the Village's Clocktower and a view of Swiss cheese inside a store. The owner chases Jerry and Nibbles holding the cheese and drops it and the owner trips on the cheese and dropped into the floor as the rest the of the all the cheese fall down the shelves and the 2 mice laughed at him as the owner decides to call the pied piper puss on the phone as he promises him to give him all the fish that he can eat, the cat comes into his door as the owner welcomes him in.

The Pied Piper Puss Tom uses a flute to hypnotized the mice into getting in a cage to trap the 2 mice. As they go to the cage they fell in a bucket of hay and Jerry gets lucky when the stuff gets in his ears. Nibbles walk into the cage and Tom realized that there are one more Nibbles try to escape until Tom whistles the flute again and Nibbles gets hypnotized again into the cage. Jerry takes off the hay in his ears and replaces it with earbuds. Tom stacks cheese to sneak on Jerry with a net, Jerry holds cheese and drops it into the net causing Tom to fall off with the stacks cheeses and Jerry trying to free Nibbles and Tom seeks to catch Jerry on a short chase, Jerry gets a rope from the shelfs and Jerry swings down and let go when Tom attempt to grab into a falls and drops a ceiling lamp on his head, Jerry frees Nibbles out of the cage as they make a run for it and Tom uses the flute to lure Nibbles into the cage. Tom gets in a barrel to lure Jerry to attempt to free Nibbles Jerry put a stick in the lock Tom in, Jerry frees Nibbles and gives him earbuds to overcome the spell of Tom's flute, Tom tries to get out of the barrel and rolls Jerry opens the door as it rolled out at the cheese store and into a hill. The mice closed the door and the barrel crashes into the door freeing Tom, he sees Jerry and Nibbles running away and Tom chases Jerry and Nibbles into to Town Hall as he looks for them, Jerry throw tomatoes while Tom was out to get them He gets a ladder and Jerry throw another one at Tom and started to make him fall in the floor and Tom chases the mice inside Nibbles hop on the clog to rest awhile Tom chases Jerry and then loses him, the figures started moving after the clock was ringing and Tom searches for the mouse a and the figures bonk on the drums, one blows a horn, the tings on a triangle, and the last one uses cymbal clash with each other in back of Tom.

After getting back from town hall they return from to Swiss cheese Jerry eats cheese awhile Nibbles is sleeping, Tom came back in the door he begins to chase Jerry until Tom caught him cornered, Nibbles grabs the flute and hypnotizes Tom, Nibbles makes him go outside. Tom served cheese for Jerry in hammock awhile Nibbles play the flute to keep Tom occupied. Both Nibbles and Jerry wink at the screen.



  • Tom's foot turns orange when a ceiling lamp landed in his head.


  • This is the last The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show episode to air in 1980.


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