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Porpoise is a dangerous shark that became one of Tom and Jerry's main enemies appearing in mainly in the Chuck Jones cartoons in Tom and Jerry first appearing in Puss 'n' Boats. He tried to eat Tom on four different occasions. He usually tries to drown and eat Jerry. Though unsuccessful, he is very persistent and continues to reappear. In "Cannery Rodent" they ran from him the entire episode. Eventually, he was trapped in a large can in a factory after Jerry put pepper in his mouth which caused him to sneeze. It is unknown if he has survived.

Physical Appearance

His physical appearance varies in each of his four appearances; in both "Puss 'n' Boats" and "Filet Meow", his body is green with yellow eyes, while in both Cannery Rodent and "Surf-Bored Cat", his body is blue with red eyes.

Porpoise's appearance in Cannery Rodent looks the most different out of his appearances, in Surf-Bored Cat he does look like his two first appearances except he is blue and has red eyes from his previous appearance (making it his final design).


Porpoise is shown to be violent, vicious, aggressive, vengeful, hungry, cruel,, eager, and persistent.

Episodes appear in

Original Shorts

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Season 4


  • Despite sharks and other fish not having vocal cords and as such not being able to produce any sounds, Porpoise is clearly heard growling, snarling, and even roaring in his scenes. However, this may have been added for dramatic effect. Some of his roars co-incidentally sounded similar to Tanner the MGM lion from the openings of the 1930s-1950s MGM cartoons.
  • Though Porpoise was created exclusively for the Chuck Jones-era, his creation was very likely to be inspired by Flappy the pike from the Hanna-Barbera era Tom and Jerry short "Cat Fishin'".




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