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"Power Tom" is the forty-second episode of Tom and Jerry Tales.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


Tom is having a dream about being a superhero, but he's woken up by Mrs. Two Shoes. After she leaves to go shopping, Tom chases Jerry to the garden and they fall into a hole. They find a mysterious base and Tom is dressed in a superheroine outfit (Power Gal's suit). Tom and Jerry are sent outside to apprehend Butch, Topsy, and Meathead, who are presently engaged in a crime spree. The three cat burglars tease Tom for wearing a girl's outfit. Moments later, the real Power Gal appears and defeats the three cat burglars before leaving. Tom and Jerry return home and Mrs. Two Shoes arrives too. As she goes to her bedroom, her shoes turn pink; Tom and Jerry are surprised to find that Power Gal is really Mrs. Two Shoes! Then the episode ends.


Tom's dream is based on Superman.