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"Pump 'Em up Pals" is the second first of the fifteenth episode of season 2 of the Tom & Jerry Kids written by Fred Kron.


Tom notices that He'd never grab the Exercising Jerry, so the Kitten phone calls a Gym to get Jerry on even ground.




  • When compared to many other episodes, Tom was wearing his baseball cap backwards while working out; although he normally wears it frontwards.


  • While Tom is wearing his baseball cap backwards, the interior of his cap (when seen through the hole with a strap) was first shown red; but in the next few seconds, the interior is blue.
  • When Tom prints out the paper from the radio-like device, he was wearing his cap and then the paper landed on his head after it shot out; but when he takes the paper off of his head, the cap is gone.
  • Flapping down and the Dumbell: too big.

Animation mistakes

  • Near the end of the episode, when a sheet of paper shoots out of the printer, Tom still has his cap on until the paper lands on his head and covers his cap. When he removes the paper from his head, the cap is gone until the episode ends.