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Red is a character who appears in Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse and Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure. The idea for her character came from Red Hot Riding Hood. She was voiced by Sara Berner in the original MGM cartoons and is currently voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin.

A character similar to her with blond hair appeared in Tom and Jerry Tales, voiced by Nicole Bouma named Miss Shapely.


Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Red works in a low class bar, entertaining the people who come for a drink. Jerry Mouse develops a crush, along with Dr. Watson, on Red. Her stage outfit consists of a short, pleated, sleeveless, pink dress, pink gloves, a white feathered hat, high heels and a pink Parasol. She is very nice to Tom and Jerry. She was suggested to have Sherlock Holmes solve her mystery by a family friend who turned out to be the evil Professor Moriarty. It's also mentioned that she's engaged.

Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse

Red appears as Maid Marion in the film. She is in love with an outlaw named Robin Hood. Tom Cat is her squire who is a spy hired by the Sherrif of Nottingham.

Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure

Red appears as Red Fairy in the film. This version of her, she has her hair look like her original self sporting a red one-piece bandeau swimsuit with white puff on the breast and around the waist, similar to her showgirl appearance from the Droopy cartoon "The Shooting of Dan McGoo" (1945). She also has white gloves on with red high heels and wings. Red fairy remains as the protect of her town and helped tom and Jerry get back home.


  • Red was created by Tex Avery in the original MGM cartoons.
  • Turner bought MGM in 1986 and then sold off MGM while retaining the majority of the pre-1986 back catalog. So when Warner Bros bought Turner in 1996, they got the rights to all of Tex Avery's MGM characters, including Red and Butch the Irish Dog. So Red became officially added to the Tom and Jerry franchise, starting with Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes in 2010.
  • Miss Vavoom appears to be a role of Red, which she played in all of her appearances in Tom & Jerry Kids Show.


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