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Robin Hoodwinked is a 1958 Tom and Jerry cartoon with backgrounds by Robert Gentle and layouts by Richard Bickenbach.

Note: Robin Hoodwinked is reminiscent of the "Mouseketeer" cartoons, except here, Tuffy (Nibbles) speaks in a hybrid of Saxon/Cockney English (with a very poor accent) as opposed to French.


Hearing the news that Robin Hood has been captured, and is sure to hang, the Merry Men give up, as they feel that with Nottingham Castle tightly guarded, any attempt to storm it is futile. Tuffy, however, refuses to accept the seemingly hopeless situation ('Ere now, what's all this bloomin' "nothin'" talk? 'E's forgetting' us, 'e is! C'mon, Jerry, let's us 'ave a go at it!), and together with Jerry, decides to go and free Robin, who is imprisoned in the dungeons of Nottingham Castle, with Tom as guard. They break into the dungeon and find the cell where "poor old Robin is locked up tight, 'e is", but first they have to get past Tom, who guards the "bloomin' key".

They manage to the "bloomin' key" and grab it off Tom, but Tom stops Jerry and Tuffy from freeing Robin Hood by locking them in the cellar and swallowing the key. Jerry and Tuffy escape the cellar, and Tuffy is able to get the key for Robin Hood's cell by abseiling from a piece of string, into Tom's belly, whilst Tom is asleep. However, the string breaks, and Tom swallows Tuffy, waking him up in the process. Hiccuping, Tom drinks down a great deal of red wine, and then he goes back to sleep.

Tuffy emerges from Tom's mouth, clearly inebriated. He almost escapes, but the prongs of the key get caught on Tom's mouth and he wakes up again. Tom snaps his mouth shut, trapping Tuffy. "Blimey! 'E locked me in, 'e did!". Tuffy breaks through Tom's teeth, using the key as a battering-ram.

Jerry helps Tuffy escape Tom, and together they give the key to Robin Hood. However, Tom raises the alarm. A silhouette of Robin Hood is seen diving into the moat around the castle and he escapes, with arrows flying all around him. Jerry and Tuffy celebrate Robin's freedom, but Tuffy's diaper gets caught on a flying arrow and he is sent into a nearby tree. A still-inebriated Tuffy is carousing, whilst being carried on the arrow-shaft by Jerry.