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Not to be confused with Mechano.

Robocat is a character that appears in the Chuck Jones cartoons of Tom and Jerry that usually take place in space, episodes such as O-Solar-Meow. He initially appears to just be a machine, but later on he's revealed to be sentient and then mind controls Tom to take his job after he's had enough.

Physical Appearance

He is a bluish-silver cat-shaped robot with a cylindrical body, a jagged bottom jaw, attached with two bolts and yellow eyes. He also has a curly antenna for a tail and red wheels (black in War of the Whiskers) on his feet. He is also shown to have hands in Guided Mouse-ille and Advance and Be Mechanized.


Powers and Abilities

Spin Attack - Robot Cat is able to use a spin attack which shoots flames.

Jaw Bite - Robot Cat using his jaws to bite in three times.

Fireball - Robot Cat using a target on any opponents with three lava balls at any opponents.

Helicopter Robot Cat - Instead of turning red in berserk mode, he can sprout a propeller helicopter, enabling flight and can also shoot lava balls at any opponents.

Also Appears in War of the Whiskers

Robot Cat also appeared in Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers as a Playable Character and one of the five all-round fighters alongside Jerry, Tyke, Quacker and Nibbles. But unlike the other characters, he does not punch, kick, or pick up object/weapons. Circle/X will enable his spin attack which will shoot flames which will set your opponents on fire. Triangle/Y allows you to bite opponents with Robot Cat's jaw and Square/B will put him into lock on mode and if your opponents don't stop him, he will shoot 3 lava balls at the character he's targeting. When in Berserk mode, instead of turning red like the other characters, he will fly up through the arena like a helicopter. The player can press the Kick button to make him shoot Lava balls at opponents. Robot Cat is the last character unlocked. He is unlocked after Defeating Monster Jerry while playing as Lion. In Challenge, he is the final boss for Spike and all the little characters. When he is punched, a metallic sound can be heard due to Robot Cat being made out of metal. His losing animation has him closing his eyes before malfunctioning. His winning animation has him jumping around before letting out a robotic meow which is also used when starting a match. A screaming meow is heard when he is picked up by an opponent.