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Rutger, Rolf, and Rudy (German language: Rutger, Rolf, und Rudolph) are a trio of rather stereotypical (albeit unintentional) German mice who live in Bolvaria. They debuted in Season 3 of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014). Rutger is voiced by Daniel Ross, while Rolf and Rudy are voiced by Chris Edgerly.


They much resemble Nibbles Mouse and around the same size as him, except they wear Lederhosen, a cultural outfit that is much more associated with Bavaria and Tyrol.

Episodes appear in

The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Tom and Jerry in New York

Season 2


  • Rutger, Rolf, and Rudy resemble Nibbles, similar with Fluff, Muff, and Puff resembling Topsy, except the kitten trio had varies of colors, unlike them the three mice have the same grey color as of Nibbles.
  • Rutger, Rolf, and Rudy are some of the only characters from The Tom and Jerry Show to appear in Tom and Jerry in New York, the others being Red Herring, Frankie, Dollface, Edna, and Ace and Rocco.
  • They are related to Jerry, but their relationship is inconsistent. This is because in The Three Little Mice, they are said to be Jerry's cousins, whereas in Relativity, they are said to be Jerry's nephews.