"Sasquashed" is an episode of Tom and Jerry Tales written and directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone.





Tom and Mrs. Two-Shoes go for a camping trip in the woods. When news spreads about Bigfoot, all the other campers run away in fear, except for Mrs. Two-Shoes herself, who dismisses it as nonsense. Although Tom initially is fearful of Bigfoot, but upon hearing on the radio that he'll receive a big reward if he proves Bigfoot's existence, he proceeds to collect evidence of Bigfoot's existence.

Meanwhile Jerry and Nibbles, who were scared away by Tom (impersonating Bigfoot's growling) from their camping trip, encounter a real Bigfoot named Sheldon, who turns out to be a rather gentle creature despite his large, intimidating appearance. The two mice throughout the cartoon protect Bigfoot from being discovered by Tom who is collecting evidence of the creature's existence via sound recording. After a series of mishaps, Tom appears with a Bigfoot-like appearance, causing Mrs Two-Shoes to later mistake him as one and ending up with Tom locked in a cage in the city zoo while Mrs Two-Shoes earns the reward money for collecting the "evidence of Bigfoot's existence".


The bear that scolds Tom for making too much noise in one scene from this cartoon is similar to Joe Bear from the Tex Avery cartoon Rock-A-bye Bear (1952).


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