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Scat Cats is the second and last Spike and Tyke cartoon, released in 1957.





Spike and Tyke are told by their owners George and Joan whom are leaving the house for the night to guard the place while they are gone and not let anyone in the house, but Butch calls his friends to visit. The minute the three cats started sneaking into the house, Spike scares them out of the house, followed by Tyke biting Lighting with him saying "Is this your kid ?". Spike tells Tyke that's his boy.

Meathead, Lightning and Topsy then attempt to sneak into the house past Spike and Tyke, all ending in failure:

1. Lightning is using the rope but crashes the chimney.

2. Topsy's slingshot but Spike Safe and Homerun Strike.

3. Meathead uses the ladder then Spike gets off and Meathead jump to the roof but the Roof is pulled.

4. Topsy rides on an airplane but Spike won't.

5. Butch uses the net to trap Spike in but Spike throws the garbage can back to Butch.

6. Lightning crosses under and Spike bites his arm.

7. They ride their bike into the house but they go through the house in high speed. 

Finally, Meathead and Lightning then pose as Joan and George, with Topsy hidden in their luggage. While Spike falls for their tricks, Tyke is not fooled as he bits "George", and Spike, thinking that Tyke is biting their master butt, apologizes for his son's actions, claiming that Tyke is young, inexperienced, and doesn't know what he's doing, and as Spike tells Tyke to let go of "George"'s pants, the clothing rips off, revealing that they're the cats in disguise. Butch notices this from inside, and flees, along with the other cats, as both Spike and Tyke chase them, followed by Tyke biting Lighting's butt again "This you're kid ?". As they run back to the tree, Spike says that's his boy.


  • This is one of the only two MGM cartoons where Butch is not a stray cat. The other cartoon is A Mouse in the House (1947). This is also the only cartoon where George and Joan's pet cat is Butch instead of Tom.
  • This cartoon evidently proves that Tyke is smarter than his father Spike and highlights Spike's lack of intelligence. When Lightning and Meathead appear at the house poorly disguised as George and Joan, Spike falls for their disguises, but his son Tyke, who sees through their disguises, is not fooled, as he proceeds to bite "George" (which actually, is Lightning in disguise), which causes Spike to think that Tyke is biting the real George until their cover is blown.