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Sergeant Clayton T. McTabby is Tom's military uncle who appears in Tom and Jerry in New York's episode Private Tom. He is voiced by Regi Davis. He visited the Royal Gate Hotel to train his nephew Tom to be a more skilled mouser.


Sgt. Clayton is a buff cyan bluish cat, just like his nephew Tom. He has white belly, cyan tail with a sharp white end and white feet. He does not have white paws unlike Tom and are all blue, he also has yellow eyes, green lids, purple ring around his eye.

He wears a green shirt with three golden chevrons pointing upwards, which indicate his rank as United States armed forces E-5 sergeant.


As a typical army sergeant - commanding, and quite bossy, yet caring about those under his command, which is his nephew Tom. He also shows a large amount of respect towards his mother - as both a parent and a commander.


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