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Sleep Disorder is the third episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) and the third episode of the first season.


Ginger gets a high tech mattress and Tom is forbidden to sleep on it.


One night, Butch tries to sleep on a destroyed mattress but the springs keep annoying him until he is able to sleep. The next day, the garbage truck takes away the destroyed mattress which annoys Butch until he sees and watches a truck delivering a mattress to Rick and Ginger's house and imagines sleeping in a comfortable mattress. In the house, Rick and Ginger admire the new mattress and find that it has a controller that makes different sleeping positions including a turbo button in which Ginger forbids from using. Tom tries to try out the new bed but Rick forbids him from sleeping on it and threatens to put him outside if he does before leaving with Ginger to get new pillow shams. Butch appears and tries to persuade Tom to sleep in it until Tom sees Jerry on the bed and kicks him out of the house. Butch takes advantage to sleep in the bed with Tom trying to keep it clean and wonders if he should sleep in the bed but Butch assures him that he will never tell which gets Tom to sleep in the bed with him. However, Jerry returns and uses the controller to have the bed beat them up as throw them off the bed and takes the bed for himself. The cats chase him off until Jerry uses the turbo button to drive the bed with the cats on it. He drives the bed into destroying the house before driving it outside with Spike chasing the bed and cats. After defeating Spike, the cats manage to take control of the controller and chase Jerry with it outside the fence and around a tree until Jerry takes control of the controller again. Meanwhile Rick and Ginger return to find the bed gone and Rick thinks that a tornado took it due to the house being a mess. However, Tom, Jerry and Butch crash the bed back into the room and the cats and mouse are thrown outside as punishment with the mattress. Forced to sleep on the destroyed mattress, Butch tries to say about a marshmallow and a cloud much to Tom and Jerry's annoyance and they use the controller to bury Butch under it.


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