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Mallory McDoogle or mostly known as Soccer Mom is a character making her debut appearance in the Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry film voiced by Tress MacNeille. She was out of the race when her minivan sank in quicksand because Tom switched the signs at a crossroad. She is from Watertown, Wisconsin.


She is shown to have a considerate motherly personality, as she respects her fellow racers. Sometimes she can suspect fowl play as after her van sank, she concluded that one of the racers attempted to cheat. Though she also seems to be a bit clueless, as she treats clearly life-threatening situations as minor setbacks, which lead to her disappearance in the jungle. She gave birth to four children, Rufus Gunther, Angus and Shylock.



  • When she was out of the race after her van sank in quicksand, she seemingly went back to the path where the quicksand was, although it is unknown what happened to her afterwards, but it's highly suspected that she was eaten by the creepy crawlies in the Amazon Jungle hence a gulping sound effect was heard.
    • Soccer Mom is the first racer eliminated by Tom the second is Granny.
    • She is the first eliminate whose fate is still pending confirmation. Gorthan is the second.
    • When the spiders and centipedes presumably ate her, there were no munching sounds, just an audible gulp, which implies that she was swallowed whole.
  • According to her racer profile, her favorite song is "I Just Called To Say I Love You", which is Gorthan's favorite song as well.