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Sorry Safari is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon.


The film opens at the airport in Nairobi, where a big game hunter, Tom's grumpy owner is preparing to go on a hunt through the African jungle. Tom, who was packed in a suitcase, has woken up from the long trip and is ready for the hunt, but is annoyed to find that Jerry had stowed away in the hunter's luggage. Tom and his owner are then off into the jungle riding on an elephant from Nertz. Jerry tries to climb aboard, but Tom points a shotgun at him, and in the process, he falls off and the gun's blast rockets him into a tree. Tom gets his nose stuck in the gun's barrel, but as he tries to get it out, he's at risk of getting shot because the trigger is caught on a branch. Tom's owner notices him and yells "THAT'S MY GUN! GIVE IT TO ME!!". He manages to get his nose out, and the bullets end up destroying his owner's hat. The elephant hands Tom over to the angry owner, who punishes him by wrapping a shotgun over his head and firing it, deafening him.

Tom manages to clear his ears out and is able to hear the sounds of the jungle. Soon after, Jerry pokes his head out of a gun's barrel and taunts Tom. Tom tries to grab Jerry, but his owner immediately yells to him "DON'T TOUCH MY GUNS!!!", which scares Tom off of the basket and onto the elephant's buckle. To make matters worse, Jerry unbuckles the belt, causing Tom to fall off. Later, the owner manages as he falls off. Tom's owner, blaming Tom for the act, angrily traps him in the overturned basket and the elephant walks off without them. The two attempt to get back on the elephant, but fail, and just as the owner prepares to punch Tom, they are both interrupted by the thunderous roar of a lion. Frightened, the owner reaches back for Tom to hand him a gun for self-defense as Tom searches the basket. Jerry hands him with a thermos and he gives it to his owner. As Tom's owner fights the lion, Jerry puts his hat over his chest in mourning sarcastically, sobbing. After defeating the lion, the scratched-up and irritated owner takes a sip of coffee from the thermos and counts all the way to ten before clobbering Tom over his head with the thermos.

Tom's owner continues forward into the jungle, with Tom being forced to carry the basket, when the two spot their elephant resting in front of them. The hunter kicks the basket onto the elephant's back, buckles it in places (tom gets out from under the basket) and resumes the hunt. Tom once again finds Jerry, who hides in the lunchbox. Tom tries to find Jerry in the owner's lunchbox, throwing away the packed food in the process. Tom's owner turns red in the face as he slams the lid on the cat's paws, grinning sadistically with his redness fading away while Tom winces in pain with his flattened paw fingers. Later, Tom manages to get Jerry in his clutches and hides from his brutish master. The hunter finds him, but was interrupted as he threatens him when they spot a purple rhinoceros in front of them and it charges at them. As the hunter prepares to shoot his gun, Tom hides Jerry in the elephant's trunk, and the elephant sees Jerry hide from his trunk, and Jerry comes out of the elephant's trunk, ("A mouse, a mouse, a mouse") scaring it and causing it to run off. All three of them try to run from the rhino, who pokes them with his horn and launches them into the air and they land on a tree branch, which snaps (at a good timing) and causes them to fall on top of the rhino. Later, the rhino, Tom's owner and Tom are tied onto a long stick, carried by the elephant on the front end and Jerry on the back.

The cartoon closes with a close-up on Jerry, who waves goodbye to the camera.


  • Tom's Owner: THAT'S MY GUN!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!
  • Tom's Owner: DON'T TOUCH MY GUNS!!!
  • Tom's Owner: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
  • Elephant: A mouse! Mouse! Mouse!


  • This is the last appearance of Tom's notorious owner, as being consequently dropped from the series since his role was found too controversial among fans due to the way he punishes Tom, which has been seen as a depiction of animal cruelty.
  • This is the only short where Tom's owner gets his comeuppance in the end, even though Tom gets the same treatment. However, his owner did get hurt much more by the Lion than Tom ever did, as the owner nearly died from his fight with the Lion. The owner also did not have a successful hunt. Therefore, he received a bigger punishment than Tom in this cartoon and arguably the other two cartoons he previously appeared in.
  • This is the only short where Tom's owner never ties up Tom in order to keep him out of trouble.
  • This is the 125th cartoon of the series.
  • This cartoon's opening titles doesn't open with the usual 1960s MGM Cartoons Metrocolor Lion logo due it being an Czechoslovakian production, it opens with a cartoon lion roaring in the jungle with the "A METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER CARTOON" credit over it.