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Southern Wolf (also known as Dixie Wolf in the series) is a Tex Avery character that appears in the The Tom and Jerry Show (2014). His first appearance in the series is in the episode "Counting Sheep". He is voiced by Stephen Stanton.



Dixie first appeared in "Counting Sheep," where he hires Tom and Jerry to help him clear his name when a sheep went missing and he was suspected of kidnapping it. Later on, though, it turns out that he actually was the culprit behind the sheep's disappearance. Dixie reveals that he had kidnapped the sheep and brought it into his own factory, where he forced it to make sheep sounds for small tin sound makers, which he would then sell and become rich by doing so. However, he was caught by Tom and Jerry, and after fighting back and forth for the sheep, they all ended up being shipped in boxes, with the sheep being shipped back to its home, where it reunited with its family, and Dixie, Tom, and Jerry being shipped to the police station. There, Dixie ended up turning himself in for sheep-napping, claiming that "it ain't worth it."

He once worked for Butch the Irish Dog in "Who Sled the Dogs Out?"


He is usually chill and laid-back, and he even speaks with a dull, monotonous Southern accent. But he is also a faker and a liar, especially when he says things to cover up his crimes and make others believe him, even though what he says is not always true. This often makes him very clever, although sometimes he is not so smart.


Dixie is a tall, slightly pudgy wolf with brown fur, a light brown muzzle and face, black eyebrows, and a black nose. He wears a light blue shirt, blue overalls with yellow buttons, and a light yellow farmer's hat. He also has a red and white polka-dotted handkerchief sticking out of his back pocket.

Episodes he appears in

The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

Season 4

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  • He is the cousin of Slick Wolf and uncle of Stinky Jr..
  • As his name implies, he speaks with a Southern accent (albeit a rather dull one).