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Spike Bulldog is the deuteragonist of the Tom & Jerry franchise. He's a grey, rough bulldog that appears in many of Tom and Jerry cartoons. He has a somewhat minor friendship with Jerry and is a formidable enemy to Tom, though he is occasionally a rival to both protagonists, as he was in the episode Dog Trouble.

Spike has a grudge against Tom, not just because he's a cat, but because whenever they cross paths, Tom is interrupting quality time with his son, Tyke because he's too busy chasing Jerry to watch where he's going. Obviously, whenever Spike tells Tom not to do a certain thing, Jerry overhears this and does his best to get Tom in trouble (in the example, Jerry would get Tyke as dirty as possible). Spike proceeds to beat Tom up thinking he was responsible for it. After Spike beats Tom, he is shown having a good time or resting peacefully with his son Tyke and they are joined by Jerry their real saboteur, disturber, and culprit who was really the one that Spike should beat up. Spike also appeared in some of the recent cartoons featuring a basset hound called Droopy, another popular MGM cartoon character.




Spike is a large bulldog with brownish-gray fur with a light brown marking that spans up to the front of his torso. In many cartoons, his fur is light gray, while his underbelly marking is white. His ears are pointed with pink insides and his tail is slender, small, and pointed as well. His only consistent article of clothing is a red, spiked dog collar. He has an anchored tattoo on his left upper arm as seen in Quiet Please!.

Abilities and Powers

He can punch enemies, especially, punching Tom, and any other cat in the face.

He is good at fighting, and he is tough and strong.


  • Spike is at times being manipulated by Jerry, into thinking Tom is responsible for some bad deed towards him, when he's in fact not. This makes Spike somewhat easily deceived.
  • Also since he is a dog, he has weaknesses such as bones, balls, and squeaky toys.
  • He only fights male cats, but he can't fight female cats.


He is, in personality, extremely prone to anger and always critical. He doesn't hesitate to use force if he wants, and often cause Tom Cat to suffer. Spike also dislikes majority of other cats as well. In some part, he is openly arrogant to Jerry Mouse. However, he is extremely warm to his son Tyke, whom he cares the most, as a duty of a father.

Whenever he gets into a fight with Tom or the other cats, he always relies on brute force like a muscular boxer, the fact that he is a bulldog, but is also wise enough to use items in he's environment to fight back when brute force is not an obvious choice. However, his personality often gets blurred and easier to get angry when it comes to Droopy, mainly because Droopy always outplays Spike in the end.

In The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) Episode '''In the Beginning' At first, he was actually friendly to Tom when he arrived to the house, but quickly hated him ever since he framed him and got him kicked out of there by Ginger.

List of Spike's Personalities

Rough, gruff, meek, fatherly, irritable, grouchy, kind, arrogant, tough, cool, goofy, friendly, caring, innocent, brutish, funny

Voice Actors

Episodes appear in

Tom and Jerry

Spike and Tyke

MGM one-shots/Tex Avery

  • War Dogs (cameo appearance) (1943)
  • Three Little Pups (cameo appearance) (1953)

The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)

The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

Tom and Jerry Tales

Season 1

Season 2

The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Tom and Jerry in New York

Season 1

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Feature films

Theatrical films

Direct-to-video films

Cartoons featuring a similar bulldog to Spike (but designed differently)

Gene Deitch era

Chuck Jones era

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

  • Bulldog (Tom and Jerry: The Movie)


  • By the events of the recent reboot series The Tom and Jerry Show, he finally realized that Jerry was the true saboteur and therefore ended his friendship with him for abusing him, his son and as well framing Tom, sometimes even joining forces with Tom (though rarely), although it varies greatly between episodes: sometimes he is shown to be still getting along with Jerry like in the original shorts.
  • Before being voiced by Bobby Cannavale, Dwayne Johnson and John Goodman were considered to voice Spike in the 2021 movie.
  • The only cat that he didn't interact with was Cousin George.
  • He interacted with Jerry's entire family, including his cousin Muscles and Uncle Pecos.

When Spike is The Antagonist

War of the Whiskers

Spike appears in Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers he is the one of the four strongest fighters alongside Eagle, Lion and Monster Jerry, like the smallest characters, it was different that he fights Robot Cat instead of Monster Jerry for a final boss.


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