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Spike and Tyke is a short-lived theatrical animated short subject series, based upon the American bulldog father-and-son duo from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Tom and Jerry cartoons. Only two films were made in this spin-off series: Give and Tyke and Scat Cats, both released in 1957, and produced in CinemaScope and Technicolor, as the cartoon studio shut down the year the spin-off series was started.

The cartoons in the Spike and Tyke series also had the Tom and Jerry theme music playing over the opening titles.


Home media availability

Both Spike and Tyke cartoons have been released in their original widescreen formats (albeit letterboxed) on The Art of Tom and Jerry Volume 2 laserdisc set in the 1990s alongside other one-shot MGM cartoons directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera at MGM such as War Dogs (which Spike from Tom and Jerry makes a brief cameo appearance), Officer Pooch, Gallopin' Gals, Officer Pooch and The Goose Goes South. As of 2013, both cartoons are still unavailable on DVD.

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