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Squint is a character that appears in The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show's episode "Most Wanted Cat".  He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Squint is a bulk brown redish-cat m who wears a green cap, with a pirrce ear, and a scruffy tail,


Squint is seen as good buddies with Mouser, he is sneaky when he robbed inside the house along with Mouser and seen to be little smart as he understands when Miss Kitty's drift when she said that he's down here and he ain't up there.


  • He along with Mouser get the most screen time that revolves around them in the episode in Most Wanted Cat
  • The quote "One for the money" "Two for the show" "Three to get ready" and "Four to go" is quote said in Sleepy-Time Tom
  • Squint along Mouser never get a proper interaction from Tom.