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St. Bernard Dog is a character that first apppers in Puttin' on the Dog and later appeared in The A-Tom-Inable Snowman and also appear in The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show's episode in Matterhorn Droopy.


St. Bernard is a big, brown dog with a tail similar to Tom but thicker, and his tongue always sticking out.


St Bernard is a rescue dog that saves and revives people from the snow. He is not violent like Spike Bulldog or Tiny Bulldog, he actually revives people with a thermos with beer that he uses to revive them like Tom, it made Tom drunk giving him the Hiccups and also double vision or blurry vision. His role in The A-Tom-Inable Snowman that St. Bernard tries to revive Tom by getting him to drink apple cider. When Tom fake a ski accident he comes in thinking that someone in danger when he thought someone was down. Which he could be gullible. St. Bernard also made Tom a bath to warm him up. He also made his cameo appearance in The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show episode Matterhorn Droopy at the beginning of the episode he saved a skier from the snow and he also drinks from his thermos.