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"Stage Struck" is the forty-fifth and final episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show.


Jealous of Spike's appreciation for Jerry's dance talent, Tom tries to interfere, but they go along with their performance.




  • Due to negative reviews from fans, this is the last episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show.
  • This marks the final Tom and Jerry production to be made by Filmation, and also the final production that Metro Goldwyn Mayer made before all future Tom and Jerry projects would be made by Turner Entertainment (Tom and Jerry Kids only) for a decade, and Warner Bros. starting in 2001, a decade later after the Kids series ended in 1994.
  • Tom speeds up the piano tuner and made Jerry dance so fast are similarities of Texas Tom and Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse


  • While Tom speeds up the tuner, Jerry's cane was missing when he danced very fast.