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Stinker is a recurring character that appears in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014). He is very smelly, mainly due to his love for anything to do with garbage, hence his name. He is voiced by Trevor Devall.


Stinker is a medium-sized grey dog who wears a blue collar.


Stinker is usually a friendly and enthusiatic dog who loves nothing more than diving in garbage dumpsters, hence the reason for his strong, odorous stench.

At times, he can be very nervous and worrisome, especially when he loses something he values, which leads to him to begging others to help him. This is most notable in Fortune Hunters, when he asked the cat and mouse detectives Tom and Jerry to help him find a missing fortune cookie.


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  • Stinker's name is a pun on a word that describes something or someone that smells really bad or has a bad stench, which also happens to be one of Stinker's characteristics.
    • His name could also allude to another meaning of the word that describes someone who is very mean or unpleasant. Ironically, Stinker is usually portrayed as a friendly character.
  • He shares some similarities with Stinkbert from Turbo Dogs, as they are both dogs who have a strong, smelly odor and love garbage very much.
  • Stinker speaks with a New York-esque accent.
  • As revealed in "Fortune Hunters," Stinker has several "special spots," which are actually dumpsters situated all over Tolucaville.
    • In the same episode, Stinker himself mentions that he is afraid of anything to do with water.