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Stolen Heart is an episode of the third season of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).


Around Valentine's Day, A female feline Pastry Owner hires Tom and Jerry to locate a stolen heart-shaped cake, which contains a diamond ring, which it's a special Valentine present for a bulldog gangster's girlfriend.


It is the Valentine's Day. The animal detectives are spending time at work by mocking one another with fake love letters. Jerry writes to Tom, that he's cute and Tom writes to Jerry, that he has lovely ears. Both detectives send their mail consecutively and get the letters delivered almost instantly. Both recipients laugh at each other. The prankster atmosphere is interrupted by a she-cat pastry owner called Matilda, who is in desperate need for help.

While weeping at the detectives' office, Matilda admits that a bulldog gangster called Sweet-Tooth Malone has ordered a cake at Matilda's shop - the pastry was supposed to be shaped as a heart and contain the engagement ring baked inside. An unknown perpetrator stole the cake, which brought Matilda a problem, since the customer is a gangster. Tom tries to cheer Matilda up with chocolates, she declines to accept the sweets. Jerry offers her tissues and she accepts them, which makes Tom jealous.

The detectives follow Matilda to her bake shop, where she presents them the issue. Sweeth-Tooth Malone has ordered a heart-shaped cake for his girlfriend with a ring baked inside. While showing the photograph of the missing cake and explaining the issue, Matilda gets broken again. This time Tom makes sure he gives Matilda a tissue. Matlida blows her nose directly at Tom. The animal detectives dress as Matilda's assistants before her customer arrives.

Shortly afterwards, Sweet-Tooth Malone comes to Matilda's shop, asking Tom & Jerry about the cake he ordered. After a brief gaze, he states that they remind him of the detectives he had issues with. Tom and Jerry respond with laughter, then Jerry's fake mustache suddenly fall off. Malone notices that, though Jerry manages to put his fake mustache back. Matilda grabs her helpers from behind, takes them from the table, and takes over the client. Malone asks about the cake he ordered and Matilda replies it shall be ready for the next day. The gangster states, that he shall wait, but consequences of failing is order won't be pleasant for Matilda.

The night falls and Matilda sets the freshly-baked cake (without the ring - as a decoy for the thief) at the stand. Before she leaves her shop, she instructs Tom and Jerry to guard the pastry in case of the thief, then she leaves. Jerry attempts to eat the cake, but gets stopped by Tom. The watch goes smoothly, until Jerry decides to eat sweets from the shop's stock. Tom spots his companion eating chocolate chip cookies while on duty. Another chase goes on, which ends up with Tom landing on cupcakes and doughnuts. The pet detectives are having a feast until they hear broken glass. When they reach the source of noise, they spot the cake moving, so the make an intervention. It turns out that Tuffy is stealing pastry for someone else. After a brief "dialouge", Tuffy flees and the pet detectives tail him.

Somewhere in the downtown at night, the clock strikes twelve. Winston is about to consume a cake he had previously stolen, when Tuffy arrives and warns him about the pet detectives chasing him. Tom and Jerry reach the place and spot Winston with the cake Malone ordered for his girlfriend. The fat cat refuses to hand over the stolen pastry and runs away - he tries to hide in his carrying shelter until he's forced to abandon it, then he keeps running. Tom manages to intercept the cake for a while. During a brief chase, Winston takes over the cake with Tuffy's help and devours it with the ring inside. Jerry uses a feather to retrieve the ring from Winston's stomach. With the piece of jewelry secured, the pet detectives need to prepare a replacement cake.

Back in Matilda's Bake Shop, Tom and Jerry hastily prepare the exact same cake as those Winston had stolen. The night passes and Matilda returns to her workplace. At the kitchen, she encounters a mess, then the detectives she had hired resting on the table. She asks them about the previous night - in a response, Tom presents her the exact duplicate of the lost cake. Matilda shows a gratitude, both verbally and by kissing Tom in his cheek, which excites him. Meanwhile, Sweeth-Tooth Malone comes to the shop with claims for his order. Matilda hands him the cake and the takes it. Matilda thanks Tom and Jerry for their help. Tom gives Matilda a cupcake he baked for her. She tries it and detects the ring, which was supposed to be baked inside the cake Malone ordered. The gangster leaves the shop with his 1920s sedan.

The episode ends with Tom and Jerry trying to chase the car.





  • Tom receives a fake love letter from Jerry, where "his secret admirer" calls him "QT". In the old-school American slang from 1950s, the abbreviation "QT" used to mean "quiet". Around 2000, the acronym began to be translated as "cute" or "cutie".
  • Judging by the furniture inside Matilda's bake shop, she also serves tea and coffee to the pastry she has in stock.
  • Despite being modeled as 1920s/1930s era gangster, Malone is dressed in plain suit jacket with brownish shirt. Actual mobsters from that era tended to dress in printed tuxedos.



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