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Street Wise Guys is the seventh episode of Tom and Jerry in New York.


Tom and Jerry get into trouble with various musicians.


The episode begins with Tom chasing Jerry around the hotel. The animals emerge from the lift and run away to the street. After a short run, they stumble upon a musician, who plays a reversed bucket with drumstick. Jerry scares off the pigeons nearby, then he hides under the bucket being seen by Tom. The cat grabs the sticks from the drummer and strikes the bucket. Jerry doesn't bail out, instead he moves the bucket right into a manhole. Tom tails the bucket and leaps to the hole after it. After a brief moment, Jerry emerges from the hole without his shelter and runs away, followed by Tom striking a construction worker's head with the drumsticks. The cat realizes he picked wrong target, so he flees before the worker regains consciousness.

The animals head to the park, where a disc jockey is adjusting voice and frequencies to music played from discs. The performance goes well until Jerry leaps at the device and Tom follows him. As a result, the animals turn a DJ show into a disaster. The animals dive into the audience. Another musician in the park is playing a saxophone. Jerry attempts to hide inside the instrument, so Tom leaps inside it after Jerry. The animals make a muffler, which results in music the audience likes, as the performer receives banknotes to his case. The musician eventually pushes enough air to his instrument, sending Tom and Jerry high into the skies.

The blow sends animals outside the park - Tom lands in a garbage can, while Jerry lands inside an ice cream cone a child standing nearby is supposed to enjoy. Jerry licks the ice cream, being spotted by the child and Tom, then the mouse runs away. Tom goes after Jerry, but he returns for a moment and licks the ice-cream himself, then he resumes the chase. The kid cries having his dessert spoiled by two animals.

Another street artist is performing a break dance show in one of the back alleys. Jerry runs into him, then Tom follows - as a result, the animals distort the movement, which causes the dancer to entangle himself. Not much later on, three Cossack performers come outside the building through the rear door, performing their moves. While being tailed by Tom, Jerry leaps above the fence and hides inside the rear Cossack's fur hat, waving Tom. The cat spots Jerry, approaches the Cossack then he robs him from a scimitar, which doesn't remain unnoticed. The Cossack stops, then Tom starts to swing the sword against the fur hat. The Cossack's headgear is being sliced into five pieces, then Jerry emerges from the bottom part of the cut hat and shows at the remaining two Cossacks, who have prepaered their swords to avenge their comrade. Tom throws away his melee weapon and flees. Jerry joins him, for the owner of the sliced hat isn't pleased with his presence on the hat's remnants.

While running away from the Cossacks, Tom and Jerry stumble upon a man, who is practicing his opera song near the entrance to the subway. Tom hits the singer in the rear and accidentally takes away his wig, which infuriates its owner. The animals cross their paths with other musicians they met before - the saxophonist and the disc jockey are waiting for the bus, when they recognize the animal rascals and join the opera singer in his chase. The drummer and the break-dance dancer emerge from another corner and also spot the disturbing animals. Tom and Jerry reach an alley crossroad, where their path of escape is blocked by the Cossacks.

The protagonists climb a lamp post, so their chasers can't reach them. Unfortunately, Tom gets shot at his butt from a sling stone, then Jerry receives a similar shot, and they fall into hands of the musicians, who had spoiled performances by them. It turns out the same child, who was robbed by Tom and Jerry from ice-cream, had his revenge. The episode ends.



  • The Cossacks actually use shaskha sabers (without hand guards), not scimitars. The latter sword is more typical to the Muslim and Hindu culture.


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