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Stunt Double Trouble is the thirtieth episode of Tom and Jerry in New York.


A taleneted "stage cat" stunt double replaces Tom and takes over his lifestyle.


A group of cats is awaiting in front of a stage agency, occupying an alley. Within their ranks are Dollface, Lightning, and a talking male cat who looks just like Tom except for much denser hairdo. The agency worker opens the door and announces, that today the casting is for dogs, then he blows the whistle. Much to felines' dismay, dogs storm the agency, then the doors are closed. As the cats depart, Tom's lookalike is complaining that he will have to sleep at the street again.

While walking down the alley, the Tom's lookalike hears that a fight is going on nearby. He approaches a container and sees Tom being beaten up by Spike. The feline protagonist receives such a powerful punch at his face, that he lands near Toodles Galore, who is also displeased with him. The female slaps him and walks away in disgust. Tom's lookalike is watching the scene from the distance and he feels he found a chance for avoiding the fate of the stray cat. He approaches Tom and offers him help in dealing with his everyday issues in exchange for living as Tom for a period, since he possesses skills of a stunt cat, both fighting and charming. After being skeptical, Tom agrees and shows his new friend the place he lives in.

The next day Tom's lookalike is sleeping inside the kitchen. The real Tom is observing him through the kitchen door. Jerry attempts to steal the cheese whey from the table, but Tom's lookalike scares him off. He allows Jerry to run, then he leaps and spins like a torpedo, so he can land of the opposite end of the table before Jerry reaches it. At the opposite site of the kitchen table, Tom's lookalike hurls a rolling pin at Jerry's path, which causes Jerry to lose speed, so he can be caught. The cat lets Jerry run away, only to spin once again and intercept the mouse at the kitchen door. Jerry spots too late, that his feline opponent has been waiting for him with a large cup of tea, then he changes the escape route. The stunt cat spins himself for the third time and grabs Jerry at his tail at Tom's sleeping pillow. He lets the mouse run only to make Jerry hit a metal tray, which was used to cover the mouse hole. Tom's lookalike covers half-conscious Jerry with a saucepan and performs as a drummer. When Jerry regains consciousness, the cat offers him to give advantage in running away. The mouse agrees and heads to the hotel's roof. Unfortunately for Jerry, his opponent has been waiting for him and easily grabs the mouse. After a brief talk, the stunt cat throws Jerry into a plant pot and walks away. The real Tom has been watching the scene and he's laughing loudly. Jerry spots the real Tom and comes to a conclusion after a brief research.

Later on, the stunt cat challenges Spike by slapping him with a glove while the bulldog is asleep. A brief fight ereupts, where Spike is being outsmarted in combat by Tom's lookalike. The real Tom is observing the encounter from a safe place. Spike winds up being kicked at the chandelier. Having defeated Spike, Tom's lookalike gets into dealing with Butch, who has prepared a joke for the real Tom using an empty fish tin and mousetraps. The stunt cat meets up with Butch and reaches the tin, which was left on a garbage can. Having discovered, that the tin is empty, Tom's lookalike returns to Butch with complaints. After a brief chat, the stunt cat grabs Butch and tosses him right into the mousetrap field. The real Tom is laughing from the corner. At the city park, Tom's lookalike meets with Toodles Galore and charms her with kind words, then he impresses her by playing the fiddle he brought with himself. The real Tom is watching the encounter and is worried, that his hired lookalike is taking away his place to live, as he takes Toodles for a walk and later on, a dinner with fish and fiddle.

The real Tom sleeps outside the hotel. Having waken up, he heads to the kitchen and attempts to recover his position from his lookalike. The argument is interrupted by Toodles, who notices two male cats who look like Tom - one talking and one mute. The talking one performs with his fiddle and Toodles is enjoying the music, until the real Tom takes over the instrument and reveals his lack of skills. Te stunt cat kicks the real Tom outside the hotel room, then he does the same with Spike. The situation changes when a rodent, who looks like Jerry Mouse, enters the hotel and beats the impostor away. It turns out that Jerry asked his cousin, Muscles, to solve the issue with Tom's impostor. Muscle tells Jerry to call him anytime, takes his bowler hat, and walks away.

Back at the hotel, situation returns to normal - Tom is chasing Jerry, Spike is chasing Tom, and Toodles is observing the chase. The episode ends.


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  • This episode marks the first of a few things:
    • Toots' first official speaking appearance in Tom and Jerry in New York (not counting her singing in Torched Song).
    • The first episode where Lightning is given green eyes like in the original cartoons since the Spike and Tyke cartoon Scat Cats.
    • The first time Red Herring, Ace, Rocco, Butch Dog, Dollface, and Bernice appear in Tom and Jerry in New York.
  • Tom would later switch places with another lookalike who can speak in a later episode: The Hair Dignitary.
  • The stunt cat spins himself in a similar way Mr. Bison/Vega from Street Fighter video game series fights - by leaping and performing a torpedo spin.
  • Muscles appear without his yellow-shirt, assuming to trick the look-alike of being Jerry.