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Tall in the Trap is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon. The title is a play on the 1944 film "Tall in the Saddle".


In the Stereotypical Wild Western town of Dry Gulp, Jerry - wanted for "cheese rustlin'" - steals a wedge of cheese from the general store. When the furious shopkeeper demands action, the sheriff hires the "Fastest Trap in the West". This turns out to be Tom, who arrives in town riding his spurs as if they were roller skates. he trips on rock him up and He crashes into the sheriff's office, he then demonstrates himself he gets his finger caught in his own mousetrap while displaying his quick-draw skills, but gets the job anyway.

Tom and Jerry meet for a showdown, but when Tom draws his traps, his belt and pants fall down making him humilated, giving Jerry time to escape to a mouse-sized saloon. Tom reaches in to grab him, but Jerry puts a bag of flour - too big to fit through the hole - into his hand. As Tom tries to yank it out, Jerry opens up a trick entrance behind the saloon's sign and hits Tom over the head with a mallet. He then runs to a full-sized saloon, with Tom getting his head caught in its batwing doors before chasing him into the basement. Tom tries to shoot Jerry with a rifle, but Jerry tricks him into turning off the light switch at the top of the stairs so that he tumbles to the bottom. Jerry hits the lights and shoots Tom instead.

Another chase ensues, and after Jerry dives into a hole, Tom baits a trap and slides it in after him. Jerry catches Tom's tail in the trap, sending him screaming back to town. Finally, Tom brings out a barrel of gunpowder, intending to blow up Jerry's hole. As he lights the fuse with a cigar and rolls the barrel away, Jerry bores a hole in the bottom and lights the powder trail that trickles out. In a panic, Tom dumps the barrel into a watering hole near the sheriff's office, dousing the powder trail - but the still-lit fuse sets off the powder and destroys the office. The singed sheriff starts shooting at Tom and runs him out of town, while Jerry steals the last wedge of cheese from the general store.


  • This cartoon was originally going to be titled "Top Trap", perhaps not wanting to remind people of Hanna-Barbera was the reason for the change?
  • The MGM's Lion logo doesn't appear at the opening titles, rather this one creatively uses a poster of a Lion at the old west town instead.
  • Strangely the scene of the store owner urging the sheriff to find someone to get rid of Jerry is shown twice, once at the start and once more after the opening scene. Perhaps the reason for this was to emulate the way some tv shows gave teasers of the episode before it would start.
  • The store owner is named Gene, after the director.
  • This cartoon is a parody of Have Gun – Will Travel an American Western series that was produced and originally broadcast by CBS on both television and radio from 1957 through 1963.
  • The cartoon's concept was originally written by Warner screenwriter Tedd Pierce to be for a Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies short featuring Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester the Cat, it was pitched to director Robert McKimson. However, McKimson disapproved of the storyline, and decided not to use it. Instead, Pierce sold it to Danch and Deitch, who were desperately looking for suitable storylines for Tom and Jerry. Ironically, Mckimson would later go on to finally do his own Have Gun – Will Travel parody with the cartoon "Feather Finger", about three years later.
  • When Tom draws his traps, his boxers from Down and Outing is shown when his pants falls down.
  • This is the 124th short of the entire series.


  • At one point, the sign on "The Six Shooter Saloon" is incorrectly read as "The Six Schooter Saloon".