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Not to be confused with Top Cat.

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Tap Cat is an episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).


An old pair of Ginger's tap shoes turns Tom into a dancing fanatic.


Tom was chasing Jerry and Nibbles for taking food. Meanwhile, Rick & Ginger were going through their old stuff finds an old pair of tap shoes she used to wear as a kid which she puts away due to not fitting her anymore. Tom continues chasing Jerry & Nibbles until trips into the box of Ginger's old stuff where he ends up wearing Ginger's old tap shoes. He then tries to stomp on Jerry & Nibbles with his tap shoes until he grows fond of the tap dancing noises coming from his feet and ends up tap dancing all around the house causing trouble for Jerry, Nibbles and even Butch the dog where he chases Tom to the roof but ends up falling off the house. Jerry and Nibbles then make a trail of dancing steps to lure Tom where he ends up stepping on a stick puddle of glue where his shoes get stuck and ends up slipping off the shoes. Jerry & Nibbles then takes Tom's tap shoes and threw it the garbage truck where Tom dives into the garbage truck to try and get his tap shoes back as Jerry & Nibbles are satisfied they got rid of Tom & his tap shoes.

Tom ends up in the garbage dump where he gets his tap shoes back and start tap dancing in his tap shoes again which end up distrubing the dogs in the dump but they end up dancing with Tom instead performing a dance number in the garbage dump. Tom then tap dances out of the dump as the dogs realized what just happened and a rat gives them a round of applause.

After that, Tom goes to the Big City where he ends up meeting Toodles Galore where he shows off his tap dancing skills to her. Impressed with Tom's tap dancing, Toodles with her own pair of high-heeled tap dance shoes joins Tom in a romantic tap duet number. The two enjoyed tap dancing together and, at the end, Toodles thanks Tom for the dance by giving him a kiss before strutting away in her high-heeled tap shoes.

Jerry and Nibbles then start to wonder where Tom went and they end up finding Tom tap dancing by himself in the City where a little girl wants a pair of tap shoes, but her mother cannot afford it right now. Tom then decides to give away his tap shoes to them. Jerry and Nibbles were impressed to see Tom do such a generously nice thing for the little girl as she now has a pair of tap shoes to wear and tap dance in.

Tom then comes home where he's now sad he doesn't have his tap shoes anymore so he goes to sleep. Jerry and Nibbles, feeling bad for him, decide to stick gum with coins on his feet. On the next day, Tom wakes up and realizes his feet are making tap dancing noises now and starts tap dancing again. Rick and Ginger then sees Tom tap dancing. They decide to tap dance with Tom as Jerry & Nibbles eat the food while they're busy tap dancing.



  • This episode shows flashbacks of Ginger when she was a kid.
    • Also it revealed her face as she is shown to have have orange hair.
  • The is the first time Toodles Galore appears in her old design from Springtime for Thomas in this show. (However, this design was also previously used in the episode Don't Cut the Cheese where she makes a cameo in a dream sequence early in the episode.)




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