Tom and Jerry Wiki

Example usage:

|name = The name of the company.
|image = An image containing the company logo.
|caption = A caption of the image.
|formername = The former name(s) of the company.
|predecessor = The company's predecessor(s).
|established = The date the company was established.
|founders = The people or entities who founded the company.
|originallocation = The company's location of origin.
|headquarters = The company's current headquarters.
|areas = The areas the company serves.
|industry = The industries the company is involved in.
|owner = The owners of the company.
|parent = The company's "parent".
|divisions = The divisions of the company.
|subsidiaries = The subsidiaries of the company.
|closed = The date the company ceased operations.
|fate = The company's fate (if it ceased operations).
|successor = The company or companies that succeeded the company.
|website = The company's website.