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Tex Avery Screwball Classics Vol. 3 - Warner Archive - Blu Ray and DVD - Oct 5, 2021


  • Blitz Wolf
  • The Early Bird Dood It
  • One Ham’s Family
  • Happy Go Nutty
  • Jerky Turkey
  • The Shooting Of Dan Mcgoo
  • Swing Shift Cinderella
  • Wild And Wolfy
  • Northwest Hounded Police
  • Slap Happy Lion
  • King Size Canary
  • What Price Fleadom
  • Little Tinker
  • Senor Droopy
  • Cock-a-doodle Dog
  • Rock-a-bye Bear
  • Little Johnny Jet
  • Billy Boy
  • Deputy Droopy
  • Cellbound

Titles In Series


  • This series of DVD and Blu Ray releases are unrelated to the 1988-1992 series of VHS tapes with nearly the same titles.
  • Many of the same cartoon historians worked on the Sep. 7, 2021 Blu Ray release of Woody Woodpecker's Screwball Collection.


After AT&T acquired Time-Warner, many changes began to happen, including a deemphasis on Boomerang in favor of HBO Max, and a move away from physical Media. With the launch of HBO Max not getting as many subscribers as Warner media was hoping for, massive layoffs happened in every division of Warner Bros, and it looked like there was no one left at Warner Archive. After being unhappy with HBO Max, AT&T announced a merger with Discovery, and indicated they were going to be hands off while they looked for someone to buy their remaining interest in Warner Bros.

On Sep 1st 2021 George Feltenstein announced on several DVD/Blu Ray forums that he was back running Warner Archive. The next day, Sep 2nd, Tex Avery Screwball Classics vol. 3 was announced. A lot of work had been done before the shutdown of Warner Archive on the restoration of the cartoons in this collection, but it was not known if the work had been completed.