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The Alley Cat is a 1941 American animated short film distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and directed by Hugh Harman. The film centers around Butch and Toodles Galore, two cats were subsequently interpreted recurring characters into the Tom and Jerry series of shorts.


Butch the black cat alley cat who instantly smitten with Toodles, a female cat he sees on the balcony of her wealthy family's penthouse apartment on Park Avenve. He serenaded her, but the butler sends the family's bulldog named Grobo after him. A long, fast-paced chase ensures, with Grobo outwitted by Butch every time, and the chase ends with the butler accidentally hitting Grobo with a broom when the dog chases Butch, causing Grobo to turn against the butler out of anger. With Grobo and the butler out of the way, Butch makes it into the apartment to dance with Toodles.




  • Grobo
  • Butler


  • This film marked the debut of Butch Cat and Toodles Galore before they making there dubut in the Tom and Jerry series.
  • Although unnamed in this film, Butch was referred as "Tom" on the film's model sheets.[1]
  • This film was released before the second Tom and Jerry short The Midnight Snack.
  • The dog, Grobo makes a resemblances to Spike.


  • Butch was given a weird erroneous Donald Duck voice in this short.