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"The Flying Sorceress" is a 1956 Tom and Jerry cartoon with backgrounds by Robert Gentle and layouts by Richard Bickenbach. This is the first Tom and Jerry cartoon to use 1956 green title card.



Tom is chasing Jerry through the house, then after bumping into a table and breaking an ornament Tom is scolded by Joan. While Tom is cleaning the mess, he sees in newspaper an advertisement. Tom interested in the ad leaves. Tom walks along a road and sees the creepy house. Tom enters the place and a witch comes in riding on her broom. Seeing the job is less appealing than he thought, Tom tries to leave but the witch grabs Tom on her broomstick. She then gives her broom a kick and they take off. During the ride, the witch loses her hat. Tom had taken it and uses it to parachute down, but the witch grabs Tom, they return to the house and the witch tells Tom that he gets the job, as the witch retires, Tom looks at her broom and decides to take it on a joyride. Tom gets the hang of riding a broomstick by himself and he even does a few tricks. 

Tom then flies by his house spying Jerry, who stops for a second thinking that he saw something, Jerry then opens the front door and gets knocked down by Tom. Tom then gets off the broom and points to Jerry. The broom hits Jerry and it sweeps him into a dustpan. Tom leaves and returns to the witch's house where the witch is waiting for him. She is very angry about Tom taking her broomstick. Tom gulps at the punishment he is soon going to receive, the broom soon takes off on a painful ride with Tom on it. The broom drags Tom's head through the ceiling, causes him to bounce down the stairs, and into a table. Tom yelps in pain from the hit. The broom then acts like a pogo stick with Tom holding onto it. However, Tom wakes up to see Joan shaking the broomstick. Realizing it was only a dream, Tom is relieved and goes back to clearing up his mess. He then decides to sit on the broom and gives it a kick. Before he can react, the broom takes off with him on it, sailing towards the night sky. The short's ending is about Joan saying "Now, what's that cat up to..?"



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