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The King of France (Modern French: Le Roi de France) (Old French: Lo Roy/Rey de France) is character that appears in Tom and Jerry shorts "The Two Mouseketeers" and "Royal Cat Nap". In some of the mouseketeer series of cartoons, Tom serves the king of France. This is an obvious reference to Louis XVI of France, who is shown as an extremely short-tempered and cruel monarch. In The Two Mouseketeers (1952), the king executes Tom while in Royal Cat Nap (1958), he orders for Tom's execution.



He is extremely short tempered king that is a cruel monarch of medieval France, he executes people who failed their task, especially Tom who he sent to the guillotine. (maybe a reference to the French revolution.)

His personality is lowered in Royal Cat Nap as aforementioned - and is less mean-spirited, even though he still orders for Tom's execution, his plans fails and is sent asleep.

He is a supporter of Monarchism - a Monarchist.


  • It's actually true that France used to be a Kingdom.
  • In the comics, the Mouse Musketeers stories have a similar character named The King.