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The Plaid Baron Strikes Again is the 12th episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show written by Coslough Johnson and Mike Joens.


As the episode begins we can Tom sleeping in the hammock awhile Spike makes a remote-controlled plane for his son Tyke with the assistants of Jerry. As they're about to do a test drive Jerry flies the plane in the air, Tom dreams of female cats keeping him cooling him off with fans, then Jerry rudely wakens Tom but he let it slide, but when came Jerry jet through Tom again and then Tom couldn't take it then started chasing Jerry, as Spike was ready with the plane until they broke the wing to the plane.

As Tom chases Jerry, Tom crashes into a well with a alligator inside, Jerry then throws teeth as he continues chasing him he crashes into bricks as they run through and broke the plane's wing again and Spike gets furious. Tom runs into a hammock and gets launched into a tube to the roof. Tom falls in his head because of Jerry as Spike notices they were coming through. Tom gets his leg stuck in the plane and then falls on Spike's, and again chases Jerry, then Tom crashes into a rake and shovel, then they chase up a tree. Tom falls off the tree on his head again, Tom looked and realize that there's a plane that Spike was still repairing the plane then Tom steals the plane from him then as spike tried to catch him until Tom started flying the plane and chases Jerry in the sky, Jerry throws a blindfold on Tom's eyes as Spike tries to catch the plane because he worries the plane could crash then caught crab on the plane that Tom is flying and launches Spike through the house and Spike saying "Oh I hate that cat" as he crashed into the ground. As he chases him through the sky Jerry did an upside-down trick then Tom copied what Jerry did then he fell off the plane then back to his plane and crashes into a barn where he picked up a cow into his plane as Spike is back to catch his plane and stops after it was flying though him as the cow kisses Tom until the plane crashes on Spike, as there were both seen under the cow and Spike gets an idea after the plane was destroyed.

After that Tyke tries out his new remote control plane as Spike and Jerry watch him fly the plane which reveals Spike's plan was to use the plane parts on Tom as he crashes into everything as Spike winks at the screen.




  • The cow is removed in Welsh, German and Polish Dub.
  • This is one of the episodes that Jerry torments Tom for no reason.