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"The Police Kitten" is the twenty-seventh episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Woman
  • Kitten
  • Boy


Police officers Tom and Jerry are assigned to train Katy O'Kitty, a female feline rookie, by reluctantly letting her ride with them, but their resentment over this assignment gets even worse by the fact that she's better at their job than they are like rescuing a kitten from a tree and saving Tom from a runaway skateboard. Finally, when she captures The Alley Cat Gang single-handedly with her powerful karate chops, this causes Tom and Jerry to be green with envy. Tom and Jerry's police chief praises their work and Katy's report that they are "the greatest officers on the force". The chief decides to celebrate with soda pop, and when he develops problems with the machine, Katy comes to the rescue with that ever-handy tool: a hair pin. The chief, Tom, Jerry and Katy O'Kitty end by sipping orange soda pop.


  • The number of Officers' Tom and Jerry's squad car: 6 7/8.
  • Kathy Gori voices Katy O'Kitty. Gori is best known for such Hanna-Barbera voice roles as Gidget Lawrence on the November 18, 1972 ABC Saturday Superstar Movie, Gidget Makes The Wrong Connection, Lori on Inch High, Private Eye (NBC, 1973-74), Katie on Valley Of The Dinosaurs (CBS, 1974-76), and the Fran Drescher-esque Rosemary the telephone operator on Hong Kong Phooey (ABC, 1974-76). She also voiced Sarge on DePatie-Freleng's Bailey's Comets (CBS, 1973-75).
  • This is the only New Tom & Jerry cartoon to "iris out" at the end, a time-honored technique of the MGM T&J theatrical shorts of yore.
  • Katy O'Kitty bears a resemblance to Tom's white female feline (whom he loses out) in the 1956 T&J short, Blue Cat Blues, which was one of the rare T&J theatricals which, like the 1975 T&J series, depicted the friendly enemies Tom & Jerry as pals.